Redefining Yourself – A Tale of making it through “Log Kya Kahenge?”

Hillary Clinton once said, “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.”



Women empowerment

India has a plethora of women who have chartered their way or created path-breaking success stories despite several hardships and hurdles in their way but these inspiring stories mean nothing if still in 2019 there are more than 64% of Indian women who stays busy with only housework (National Sample Survey Organization). How many of you reading this blog post can consider yourself in this 64%? And for what reasons? “Ghar ke kaam Karne ke liye koi nahi hai,” “I feel guilty leaving my child at home,” “Family manages nahi,” “Do not have initial finances to start my work” etcetera. None, I repeat! No woman ever said that she is not working because she lacks the dream and the ambition and the aspiration to reach greater heights.

Self-change is the first step of revolution! Therefore, you must alter your mindset and should understand and make your people understand the fact that home is the responsibility and duty of each and everyone who is residing in that home and managing the house and the family is not a burden meant to be taken care of by only the female members.

India is changing so is her women, the majority of them have come out of the havoc of male chauvinism engraved in bloated egos. With women equally educated and sometimes more qualified than their male counterparts have realized their strength and started making their own identity. They have started giving meaning to their life but only till they are married. Once they enter the third phase of their life, i.e., becoming mother, they start feeling

Guilty to leave their child behind for your work commitments?

Don’t be! That’s because it is in the likes of every child to see their mother happy and satisfied. They may feel the pride to be a child of a working woman. Moreover, inculcating such values in your child will later make him/her more accepting towards the culture of working and economically independent women tribe.

Woman working at home with laptop computer

There are many new provisions and schemes introduced to help women with their finances to start their work like the Annapurna Scheme, StreeShaktipackage, Udyogini Scheme, MudraAyojona Scheme etcetera. It is you who have to take a step forward towards your dream. We know that enlightened, financially strong and happy woman can create wonders both at the micro and macro level that will develop the economy of the nation and for that reason, we jotted down this blog to show you an alternative path that will help you to feel more determined and powerful to get started NOW!

VLCC_Vandana Luthra

Vandana Luthra, the Founder of VLCC Healthcare Ltd., was awarded the Padma Shri in 2013 and was listed the most powerful woman in business by Fortune India in 2015. Looking back at her journey, she was a casual housewife and her zeal to do something compelled her to started VLCC when her two daughters were only three years old. Not only she, but there are also a lot many women like her which will leave you with awe and a tremendous inspiration

Interestingly, 34% rural and 28% in urban areas expressed their willingness to accept work if it were made available to them from home, here are few practical and simple techniques to start your work from home whether you are starting new or trying to regain job after a break.

Baby Crèche:

Baby Creche

If kids are your first love and you are good at handling them then you can commence with Baby Creche. What can be better than helping yourself and other aspiration women like you as well?


Women Tutor

Tutoring is no more a monotonous job now. Another career field has turned into a lucrative career. There is a strong demand for online tutors who can teach various subjects to students from different countries. Surf the internet, choose the appropriate site and give a kick start to your career.

Food & Catering/Tiffin service:

Tiffin service run by women

Is cooking your passion? Then make it your profession. With the increasing trend of ordering food online, you start your online food service and list yourself on various site and food delivery apps.

Content writing/Blogging:

Content writing

If you possess special love for literature and reading, then we are sure you must have the heart for writing also. If you have good command over English, you can quickly start your blogging site or can take content writing project through references. Such a creative outlet will help you rejuvenate your mind & soul and will help the viewers as well.


Home based bakery business woman

If you have a sweet tooth and love to bake then chocolatier can be a good profession and business for you. In today social marketing era, social media platforms help you to market your product in a relaxed & simpler way.

Consulting (Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, and Vaastu):

Tarot card woman

You can work as a consultant on astrology, tarot reading, numerology, palmistry, Vaastu, or Feng Shui, after taking a short term certification course on these subjects.

Selling Self Made products:

Women making handicraft productswomen making products

You could make your soaps, candles, pastries, customized T-shirts, within the comforts of your house without compromising on anything else. If you have a right hand at painting, the world around you is your canvas. You could sell off your skill at a reasonable price. These skills, after all, do not come cheap.


work from home women

If you have a special talent and can provide your service to somebody who requires it then freelancing is a great option. Be it writing, photography skills, animated video or digital marketing – you can always get good projects from all over the world by making the profile on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.

Stock Broking and Insurance Sales:

Stockbroking from home

If finance is your cup of tea and grab your tea and sit in front of your system to analyze the market movement. Invest your money and assist others in framing a good portfolio. Stockbroker and consultant can fetch you a fantastic future ahead.

Dance/Singing Teacher:

Dancing Teacher

If you are trained in a particular dance form and are passionate about dancing, then you may teach kids, teenagers and adults learn various dance styles.

It is said that there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. Thus, all you have to do now is pick up a career option that is best suited for you and make a plan. Make caffeine your best friend and work hard till you succeed. Stay humble all along the way and try to help more such women like you. Life is very short to let dreams stay dreams.


Conquer your fear and insecurities and above all be the “Shero” of your life.